Friday, September 30, 2011

Zomato - way to go....


So I'm a foodie and all things food excite me - yes, even they are simply smart phone apps!

One of the best apps around is Zomato - also available on, but then well, I have almost always used it only on my phone.

Top reasons to use Zomato:
  1. Location Detector: Zomato automatically assess your city and location (you can also feed in the data manually) and then suggests eating places near you. You can filter and sort by cuisine, budget or distance.
  2. Recommendation: Zomato also appeals to the wanderer in me. You can simply ask Zomato to recommend an eating place near you and it will! With an incredible database of places and user reviews, I have never been disappointed by a Zomato Recommendation
  3. MENUS: This is the ONLY app i have seen that has actual, scanned copies of menus!! I mean, dude, you reach the place and you are all set to order! That is by far the coolest feature of the app!
Some areas that Zomato could improve....
  1. Home Delivery via the net: So here's the deal. I, sometimes, want to sit on my lazy behind, and want the food to come to me, and I'm so lazy that i don't even want to speak to another human. On such days, there only so much pizza that I can eat. So, then. It would be awesome if one could order food from a favorite eatery (ONLINE!!) and have it delivered (assuming, of course, that the eatery already does home delivery, or that it will be willing to start and that your order is above the 'minimum order' requirement)
  2. BookMySeat: Yes, I am obviously taking a potshot at the famous movie booking site. But hey, it is so cool! On my way back from work, I call my better half and ask her out for a movie, she says yes, I don't have the tickets, I whip out my smart phone..... You get the idea. Why not be able to make reservations while you are in the middle of that long boring presentation by your CEO or when you are in the loo and talking about food is just not appropriate?
  3.  News and Updates: Who doesn't love a deal? It would be great to occasionally receive news of a food festival or discounts or cookng classes or free samplings! Hell, I wont even mind getting an SMS around lunch time informing me of an awesome deal on a thaalli in a restaurant that's five minutes from my office! Drrroooollllllll...........................!
the Folks at ZOMATO, are you listening? :D

Bon Appetite! :)

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