Sunday, December 06, 2009

Substance or show?

It has now been exactly two weeks and a day since the coveted sms was received and the last two weeks have been a revelation in some ways and a surprise in others…

One of the most striking things that I have noticed in the last two weeks is the reaction of people.

I went to sleep one night, and it’s almost as if I’ve woken up a different person. Every since news of my receiving the offer of admission from the ISB, it’s as if the world has started seeing me as a different person.

Earlier people would say “Jaideep, review this document for me” and all of a sudden it is like “Jaideep, er.. if u don’t mind and if you have the time, please see this document and share your inputs. No rush, just take your time”

And other people, who I had to chase earlier for inputs and deliverables, now actually queue up (and while the queue is virtual, I am NOT exaggerating on this one) and wait patiently for their turn. Also, suddenly, every word that I have to say is hung on to as if it were a pearl of wisdom! All this before I’d even decided if I wanted to accept the invitation to be part of the programme, or, even stepped through the portals of this hallowed institution (formally).

Are we Indians hung up the “brand” and the tag more than the “substance” itself? Or is this a global phenomenon? The substance hasn’t changed for obvious reasons, but it does appear as though some of the halo has already started rubbing off on me…

Anyways, I’ve decided to accept the offer and have decided to plunge right back into academics…

And speaking of plunge, watch out for my next post! ;)

Till next time….